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Pipeline Process

Rouge Pipeline Process and Services (RPPS), possesses the expertise in field of chemical cleaning, flushing, leak testing, jet fuel / hydrant system and the likes. With years of experience in this field, we are able to propose different cleaning methods for different pipeline conditions.

With our assets we are able to deliver projects safely, on schedule, within budget and with quality our customer expects.

Chemical Cleaning & Flushing

Chemical cleaning is a process during which the rust scales, oil, grease, dirt, sand and welding beads are removed by using acidic chemicals and followed by passivation layer on the pure base metal surface. This process enables protection against corrosion, thereby increasing the life of the plant and piping associated.

Flushing is carried out by the use of temporary circulation pumps (High Volume) which can deliver a desired flow rate of 110% design velocity to recover sand/debris particles from the system. This process is done to overcome immediate high maintenance costs on the permanent system pumps, thereby reducing its lifetime if the system is not flushed properly prior to commissioning.

Leak testing

Nitrogen-Helium Leak detection is the most accurate and appropriate method to test hydrocarbon-process pipework for mechanical integrity. This process is established using a mixture of nitrogen and helium gas, which are injected into the system. In this way, all potential leaks can be eliminated under the most realistic test conditions possible before start-up.

This is achieved by means of a high pressure nitrogen pumper/converter. All flanged connections and associated instrument points are inspected using a a mass spectrometer. Should any leaks be detected, these will be rectified by means of specialized bolt torque/tensioning procedures.

Bolt Tensioning : We use the latest torque and tensioning technology to deliver safe, reliable flange management solutions to ensure quality of mechanical completion and reduced man hours for leak detection process.

Hot Oil Flushing

Hot oil flushing works are carried out for gas turbine and gas compressor piping systems. This is required to achieve perfect cleanliness prior to commissioning. Appropriate degreasing, chemical cleaning of the piping, prior to oil flushing, is the most recommended practice.

The flushing fluid should be compatible with the fluid used during normal system operation, as specified by the client. As a guideline, standard flushing units normally provide sufficient turbulent flow if the viscosity is in the 10 to 15 cSt range at 40 C. Ideally, the flushing fluid should obtain this viscosity at no higher that 70 C.

Jet Fuel / Hydrant System

Testing and pre-commissioning of jet fuel pipeline systems for the aviation industry is one of the critical operations to be carried out by specialist contractors to ensure supply of clean fuel to the aircraft. tHe procedures involve high velocity air blowing followed by driving to achieve - 10 C dewpoint prior to filling with fuel and perform pressure testing and flushing with media filtration units up to 1micron.

The commissioning of the fuel hydrant systems on the airports is inspected and approved by third party. Inspection companies namely Bureau Veritas/DNV in compliance with the specification and guidelines of the aviation industry standards (AIS).

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